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Crimping is commonly used in electric work to attach wires together. It is also used to attach wires to other connectors. We AMAN ENGINEERING WORKS provide SEMI AUTOMATIC CONE CRIMPING MACHINE providing crimp which is gas tight preventing oxygen and moisture from reaching the metals

Semi Automatic Cone Crimping Machine (Motorised Working)

Packing Capacity –1600 to 1800 cones/Hr

All contact parts SS 304

Fully Mechanical working

No compressor required in this machine

Easy to operate, Low maintenance


Cone crimping (Packing Unit)

Cone Exit unit

Product Description

This machine can pack cone automatically

This machine can pack small & big cones

Fully mechanical process in this machine

Very low maintenance in this machine

This machine has two stations

This machine also known as:

Semi automatic cone crimping machine

Automatic cone crimping machine

Cone crimping machine motorize working

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Model No SMIC 02

Model No. SMIC - 02